Best Brilliance has four decades of expertise in the field of producing Clarity Enhanced Diamonds, Moissanite, Lab Grown Diamonds, and Certified Natural Diamonds. The company has a worldwide presence that way you can always be assured that we’ve acquired the finest diamonds available from a global standpoint.

This month marks the end of the 2020 wedding season and Best Brilliance, a leading global diamond ring retailer, is offering special prices on a variety of clarity enhanced diamond engagement rings. “We want our clients to be able to afford the wedding they dream of, without having to settle for an engagement ring they don’t find ideal – even in the midst of the financial uncertainty this year has brought upon us,” said Guy Mendel, CEO of Best Brilliance. Mendel also added that “the company is aware of people’s need to cut down on costs due to the economic effects of COVID-19, and that’s why we are making our clarity enhanced selection even more affordable,”

While the actual aftermath of COVID-19 is yet to be fully understood, it is clear by now that people are considering every expenditure more thoroughly. A wedding is naturally a big investment and today, more than ever, young couples experience uncertainty about making ends meet in the future. This move, by Best Brilliance, is aimed at removing one worry from the list – a list that keeps growing as we grasp how heavily the Coronavirus has affected us all.

Clarity enhanced diamonds – a growing trend

A diamond is usually measured, among other criteria, by the clarity of the rock. Since diamonds with a flawless clarity level are rare and expensive, most young couples can only dream of decorating an engagement ring with even the smallest of them. Today, however, state-of-the-art techniques enable diamond ring producers to enhance diamond clarity, while keeping its original formation and characteristics. This is done mainly through laser cleansing, meaning the removal of natural blemishes and inclusions – all a result of nature and not mining – while not affecting the diamond’s structure.

When asked about the rationale behind this decision, Mendel explained: “With diamond prices as high as they are today, sadly most young couples cannot afford a flawless clarity level diamond. We see more and more young couples searching for cheaper options at a risk of being scammed by dishonest retailers and we, as a trusted and regulated brand, have decided to put an end to it. This process can generate a diamond with the same sparkle at a price that’s relevant to more pockets. But that wasn’t enough for us – we adjusted our prices even more for those thinking of 2021’s wedding season – and our clients will find them quite surprising.”

About Best Brilliance
Based in New York and with offices in Brussels, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv, Best Brilliance is a leading online jewelry retailer, famous for its wide range of diamond engagement and wedding rings. The company is also a pioneer at the production and retail of lab grown diamonds, as well as moissanite gems and clarity enhanced diamonds. All of Best Brilliance’s products are made from conflict-free diamonds, under supervision of the Kimberley Process – ensuring human rights to all links in the chain of diamond mining, processing, and sales.