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A seasoned digital marketing specialist with over 15 years in the industry, Chris Pooley recently launched to connect bars and event organizers in the same way that his successful slate of state food truck sites connects food trucks and event organizers. Mobile bars can claim a listing at no cost, while a suite of membership options offers prime placement in the directory, among a host of other features to make it easier for mobile bars to receive event bookings.

New Haven, CT, June 23, 2021 –(– Chris Pooley, owner of among other successful boutique marketing sites, today announced the launch of, which will serve as a platform to connect event organizers with highly sought-after mobile bartending services. With a fully searchable database of hundreds of mobile bars across all 50 states, will help event organizers by taking the tedium out of finding a mobile bar for their next event, while at the same time enabling mobile bartending services to streamline their marketing operations and more easily book events.

“My site was really making a difference in helping food truck owners book more events, which made me wonder why there wasn’t such a site to help mobile bartending services in the same way,” explains founder Chris Pooley. “Now, a mobile bar owner can simply create a listing on and let the leads come to them in real time. Meanwhile, event organizers won’t have to pound the digital pavement to find a mobile bar for their graduation, wedding, block party, you name it. It’s a win-win for all involved, which is the type of synergistic relationship I like to facilitate as a boutique internet marketer.”

The site makes it simple and free for mobile bar owners to sign up and claim a listing, which will enable event organizers to find their service and reach out to them directly. No credit card is required, and the process takes less than five minutes.

If a mobile bar owner wants to ensure that event organizers find their service before others, they can sign up for a monthly or annual membership. This offers a plethora of perks such as being featured in search results and including a booking button directly on the mobile bar’s profile page. Pooley’s “no middle man” platform means that mobile bar services and event organizers communicate with each other directly, and collects no fees beyond the membership fee.

“As someone with a mobile bar, I experienced first-hand the yawning gap in the market that existed prior to,” said Stacey Orecchio of Lifted Spirits Bar. “It was incredibly frustrating to be able to find gigs relatively easily for food trucks through sites like this but to really have to look high and low for event planners who needed a mobile bar. has already saved me a ton of time and money by allowing me to focus on marketing through this platform and connecting with people interested in renting a mobile bar for their party.” does not require mobile bar services to enter into a contract or pay a startup fee. More information along with the fully-searchable database of mobile bars is available at:

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With more than 15 years’ experience in technology, marketing and search engine optimization, Chris has kept himself on the cutting edge of the boutique digital marketing industry. After establishing his own agency, CT SEO Firm, seven years ago, Pooley has continued to diligently seek out and fill gaps in the boutique internet search market. This began with his launch of sites such as and continues with the recent unveiling of to connect event organizers with the mobile services they need in order to make their event everything it can be. Learn more at: Find Chris Pooley’s boutique digital marketing services at:

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