Mobile rooms to bring a new level of experience to the field of picture booths and human-sized jenga

WASHINGTON DC: Odyssey, a company specializing in mobile escape rooms, has announced their model specifically built for wedding celebrations. Following success at public events as well as private functions, they will launch their wedding model in Q1 of 2019. Spanning the Mid-Atlantic region, Odyssey brings a brand new wrinkle to the world of weddings with both indoor and outdoor models complete with a digital host, interactive & electronic puzzles, and a magical storyline for wedding guests of all ages to enjoy.


Experienced wedding guests, the Odyssey team wanted to mold a new experience that fit within the confines of a wedding. They’ve taken the traditional escape room model and trimmed the fat to create a game which spans between five and ten minutes for various events, and allows significantly more people to enjoy the experience in a short window. Their wedding model packages will soon include options for photo booth add-on, customization by the bride and groom to their taste, and scalable difficulties.


On the company’s recent wedding launch, co-owner Matt Handrick said “Weddings are a perfect fit for our experience. Couples want something to WOW their guests, something to have guests talking about their wedding for years to come. How many weddings have most of us been to with an interactive escape room?”


Odyssey hopes that these can change wedding guest culture from something passive and to-the-side to something exciting and interactive. They plan to launch new stories every six to nine months to keep it fresh for your experience. For more information, visit them at or send an email to


Odyssey Mobile Escape Rooms website:

About Odyssey Mobile Escape Rooms, LLC: An Escape Room company build around portable experiences, Odyssey formed in late 2016. Traveling to fairs, conventions, private parties and the like, Odyssey has a wide berth of experience over the past 12 months. The company is headed by co-owners Nick Handrick, Ryan D’Ambrosio, and Matt Handrick and headquartered near Washington DC.