Bride placing a wedding band on the groom.

The largest DTC supplier of men’s wedding rings hopes to solve the $41 billion online retail returns challenge

Manly Bands has officially launched their virtual ring sizer app called The Manly Bander, that allows anyone to get an accurate ring size to purchase your Manly Bands wedding band. As the largest supplier of wedding bands to men online, Manly Bands is constantly testing new technologies to expand this ever growing industry.

Providing an accurate ring size has been a major hurdle for the jewelry industry even before direct-to-consumer brands such as Manly Bands entered the market. Most men would go to their local brick-and-mortar store and try on whichever rings were available. Unfortunately, a person’s ring size changes throughout the day due to temperature, blood flow and activity, so size exchanges were commonplace.

Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, many brick and mortar jewelry stores have shut their doors, meaning there was no easy way to get your finger sized on short notice. Previous to introducing the app, Manly Bands has offered their own Manly Ring Sizer tool to customers. However, this still added costs as the company scaled which led to an innovative new way to solve the sizing problem, The Manly Bander.

“For eCommerce jewelry brands, shipping ring sizers and paying for product returns can cost brands millions of dollars every year,” said Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Michelle Luchese. “By creating a branded app that can give an accurate ring measurement in seconds, we not only provide a frictionless experience for potential customers, we also create a new interactive touchpoint.”

Most jewelry companies like Jared’s, Qalo, and Enso will offer a “virtual sizer” that amounts to a ruler, a string and a chart. While this method has worked for previous generations, Manly Bands believes in breaking with some traditions and offering people a simpler and more modern option. With the Manly Bander, sizing takes less than a minute and also offers users a discount for trying it out, which has already led to a significant conversion rate increase.

Co-Founder and Co-CEO Johnathan Ruggiero said, “This was a problem that the industry faced even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Online returns are a huge obstacle to scaling a business, and we’ve already seen the value this virtual app provides pre and post-sale.”

The Manly Bander is a free-to-download app and is currently available on the App Store. Early adopters will receive a 21% discount code towards the purchase of their ring of choice. Visit for more information and to learn more about how Manly Bands is revolutionizing the jewelry buying experience.