NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–After more than 30 years of leading some of the world’s most prestigious luxury jewelry brands, FUTURA’s founder Bob Donofrio discovered the harsh reality of the environmental impact of mining gold for jewelry production: 99% of the world’s gold supply is produced by emitting toxic chemicals, including mercury and cyanide, into the ecosystem, and that 37% of the world’s mercury emissions come from unregulated gold mining. As most of this gold is used in the production of jewelry, Bob’s mission was then to create a brand that would lead change within the luxury jewelry industry that would directly impact the reduction of mercury emissions.

Born out of this mission was FUTURA, a luxury jewelry brand with modern values at its core, crafted exclusively from 18-karat Certified FAIRMINED Ecological mercury-free gold.

Gold to Get Behind – No Mercury, No Toxic Chemicals:

Each piece of FUTURA jewelry is hand crafted with mercury-free 18kt Certified Fairmined Ecological gold. Our gold comes from the three certified Fairmined mines in the world, that mine for gold without the use of toxic chemicals including mercury and cyanide. Our mines have received the Fairmined Ecological stamp of approval and have transitioned to clean and safe mining practices that are ethical, ecological and sustainable. Our gold is setting the standard for the future – for the jewelry industry and for the planet. By eliminating the use of toxic mercury in mining, we eliminate the impact of harmful mercury emissions to our planet to create a safer future for everyone.

Legendary Craftsmanship:

Behind each piece of FUTURA jewelry is a small team of passionate master jewelers who craft each piece individually with the utmost attention to craftsmanship and detail. The execution is overseen by expert master jewelers in New York, who for six decades have hand-crafted luxury jewelry for some of the most renowned jewelry houses in the world. After years of success serving the luxury jewelry industry, the jewelers are proud to be part of the ethical jewelry movement.

The FUTURA Collections:

LEGENDS Collection – Designed by the most legendary artists of all time, the Legends Collection is a global curation of epic gold jewelry reimagined from the richest of eras and places. FUTURA collaborates with world renowned jewelry historians from iconic cultural centers to discover history’s most imaginative jewelry designs that have a modern relevance. FUTURA’s historians and curators discover the best of the best from original artisan designs from as far back as 1800 BC, that are rich with artistic expression and that are refreshingly contemporary.

ESSENTIALS Collection – Must-have jewelry handcrafted with 18kt Fairmined Ecological gold for your consciously curated jewelry box. The Essentials collection is designed with the ultimate attention to detail and craft, resulting in perfect covetable pieces that will never go out of style.

WEDDING Collection – A timeless symbol of your love and values, a FUTURA wedding ring will truly be your most worn and loved piece of jewelry that will stay with you forever. Discover our curated selection of seven exquisite rings for the discerning eye that represent your conscious values.

FUTURA is a proud partner of the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership, a worldwide initiative which aims to protect human health and the environment from mercury, including through the continued minimization and elimination, where feasible, of its uses and releases in artisanal and small-scale gold mining.

FUTURA is available for purchase through the following luxury retailers, both online and in-store globally at Bergdorf GoodmanThe WebsterDover Street Market and

Each piece of FUTURA jewelry sold brings us closer to our mission of reducing mercury emissions into the environment. Responsible and compassionate luxury jewelry is the ethos of FUTURA.

FUTURA, the Future of Jewelry

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