Popshap is supporting the trade show industry by donating body temperature kiosks to event organizers

Popshap is an interactive digital solutions company based in New York City, with locations in Las Vegas, L.A., and Israel. A leading force in digital, from software development to hardware, and quality control completed in-house, Popshap proudly offers state-of-the-art body temperature kiosk, and interactive technology, to a worldwide marketplace.

Recently Popshap launched a campaign to work closely with the trade show, venue, and conference organizers to create a safe way back to in-person events. This initiative has proven to be the most beneficial for the organizers because Popshap is donating the body temperature kiosk (which would normally cost thousands of dollars) for free.

In February Popshap partnered with the Florida Wedding Expo to allow a clear pathway to make the event safe for the public. This put both the organizers and attendees at ease, knowing that every possible COVID protocol was taken.

Popshap setup easy to deploy body temperature kiosks that quickly scanned 2,500 people in just under three hours! (Popshap’s body temperature kiosks can scan up to 100k people a day) Due to the lack of power sources, Popshap deployed battery-operated body temperature kiosks to get the job done. By providing safe, contactless interaction methods, guests and staff were able to get temperature checks and scanned for face masks in less than three seconds.

Because of Popshap’s unique self-service technology they have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. Popshap’s goal now is to partner with every organizer and venue manager in America to help bring back trade shows safely and confidently in 2021.

What makes Popshap’s body temperature kiosk the most unique, is the fact that they are fully customizable from the hardware to the software. What’s also interesting about Popshap is that the company was created to provide trade shows and events with modernized, customer-centric, interactive experiences. Trade shows are chaotic and Popshap simplifies the trade show process with a consistent digital solution to create the foundation for predictable results.

Popshap’s technology allows you to capture attention and leads with interactive experiences that excite event audiences, amplifies engagement, and generates a buzz.

Global businesses think about what their brand stands for, and where it should go next. Popshap is creating a new normal that is driving extraordinary results in the trade show and events industry.

Around the world – at convention centers, stadiums, hotels, and hospitals – Popshap is helping event organizations of all types create a more seamless experience for customer interactions while improving cost efficiency.

Popshap goes beyond digital when it comes to interactive solutions for events. Our plug-and-play, standalone systems give a contemporary, sophisticated, and safe look to every environment. Our approach combines three fundamental and dynamic elements in any market – people, events, and their interactions. Interested in getting body temperature kiosks donated to your next event? Contact Popshap below.

James Robinson
Phone: 888-317-5531