Everyone deserves the joy of a wedding– but disabled couples have long been denied respect. Wedding Planning for Spoonies, the first disability-focused wedding planner, hopes to change that.

Everyone deserves the joy of a wedding– but disabled couples have long been denied respect.

December 19, 2020, Round Rock, TX, USA -Wedding Planning for Spoonies is the very first wedding planning book centering on disability. Disabled people deserve to be alive, they deserve love, they deserve marriage, and they deserve celebration. This should not be a controversial statement, but too many people believe disabled people do not even deserve life, let alone an accessible wedding planner.

Wedding Planning for Spoonies: Inspiration & Tips for Chronically Ill and Disabled Couples intends to serve the disabled community in many ways. Planning a wedding for anyone is difficult. However, disabled people face significant prejudice when it comes to wedding planning. Wedding Planning for Spoonies looks to empower disabled couples on their journey to matrimony with tips and inspiration and inform wedding vendors of a disabled couple’s struggle to improve the industry.

Wedding Planning for Spoonies centers on the premise that all people across abilities, genders, and sexualities deserve to be loved, and celebrate their love. The question is, how? How should a wheelchair user find a suitable venue? Or should you plan for an army of wedding attendants if you have chronic pain symptoms? The book releases February 14, 2021. Purchase a copy on Amazon and follow Meara’s author page. To receive a review copy, use Booksprout for an eBook or contact Meara directly for a paperback.

Meara Bartlett is a graduate student at Texas State University studying Technical Writing with a concentration on social justice in technology. She planned two weddings to the same man, because she had a medical emergency and had to scrap her originally planned ceremony and create a new one in 48 hours. Meara writes for Offbeat Bride, The Mighty, Uncomfortable Revolution, and Rock n’ Roll Bride. There she interacts with fellow disabled brides, who helped with writing Wedding Planning for Spoonies.

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