The great thing about the wedding business is that you have a brand new pool of prospective customers every year. The bad thing about the wedding business is that you have a brand new pool of prospective customers every year. Every week, couples become engaged and move into the marketplace, while others get married and move out.

If you are selling to the wedding market, you can never ever stop marketing, because you have to continually create awareness with the newly-engaged couple. It doesn’t matter what you did last year. Your success in the months ahead will be directly impacted by your current marketing efforts.

If your business is brand new, you have no choice but to invest in advertising or else you will never get off the ground. Most new businesses focus on buying the ‘stuff’ they need for their business, but they don’t invest in getting the business that is necessary for their new venture to work. If business is slow, you need to scrape every dollar you can and put it into advertising or else you’ll never get more business. If you have more business than you can handle, you need to keep advertising so you can keep up the momentum.

If you think that putting up a website, a Facebook page, and some free online listings is going to be your ticket to success, you might as well quit now. Everybody does the free things. A truly effective wedding marketing program combines the free opportunities with those that require an investment. Don’t be afraid to raise your prices to fund better marketing. You will never regret that decision.

A lot of first-rate companies do third-rate marketing, and they lose business to third-rate companies that do first-rate marketing. We all know of businesses who don’t do all that great of a job but still do lots of weddings. Why is that? Because they have mastered marketing. If you can combine first-rate service with first-rate marketing, you will be untouchable.

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