Why is your company so great?

You might think that there are dozens of reasons why your company is great, but in reality, only two or three of these reasons really matter to your customers. The reasons that are important to your customers will also be important to your prospective customers. Immediately after making a sale, ask your new customer why she chose you over everyone else. Two or three reasons will rise to the top and you should build your marketing around those reasons.

Does your advertising include too many features?

Most advertising by wedding professionals is nothing more than a laundry list of features. The result is a boring ad that is wordy and devoid of emotion. Focus your message on those two or three reasons that resonate with your prospective customers and your message will be cleaner, simpler, and much more effective.

We recently did market research to help us improve the marketing message for our wedding shows. We identified four hot buttons that enticed couples to attend our event. Our ads used to list about a dozen features, but we now focus only on those hot buttons. This simple change resulted in a dramatic increase in response rate of our advertising.

What are you really selling?

You might be a caterer, a photographer, or a cake baker, but you’re really a Need Fulfiller and Problem Resolver. The couple has lots of details to take care of and not enough time in which to take care of them. They have problems. They have needs. Don’t get wrapped up in the glories of your product or service, concentrate your sales message on how you solve those problems and fulfill those needs, and how you do it better than anyone else.

The end result is what matters

The couple is most interested in the end result of their wedding. They don’t care if their DJ has 10,000 or 20,000 or 50,000 songs. They just want their guests to dance and have a good time. They don’t really care if you have the latest and greatest camera. That should be a given, a basic requirement for being in the business. They only want the memories that will be captured by your photography and video. They don’t care if you have 10 or 30 or 50 different flavors of wedding cake. They only want to have the best wedding cake their guests have ever tasted.

When developing your wedding marketing message, short and simple is better. Creating effective advertising copy is an art and a science, so enlist the help of professionals.

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