There’s a long-running debate about how venues, like yours, should handle referring other services to your couples. Some referrals are based upon personal relationships. Some are more transactional. Of course, you should never refer anyone who would deliver the kind of service and experience that would reflect poorly on you.

This referral process started with you making a sale. It’s your customer. If you didn’t make that sale, there’s no referral to give. And many venues discuss referred vendors even before making a sale. Are you entitled to a commission or referral fee, or is a simple “Thank You” enough?

Come to this free webinar, moderated by industry experts Alan Berg and Brian Lawrence, for a spirited discussion on the merits of the various perspectives on this topic, and more!

Fausto Pifferrer – Blue Elephant Catering
Simeon Traupe – Meadows Event Center
Soraya Huguet – Reception Palace
Tom Diadone – Florentine Gardens
Jeff Miller – JAM Caterers
Ciro Diadone – Florentine Gardens
Lisa Ware – Catering by Michaels
Hassan Mahmoud – VenueX (sponsor)
Abed Elsamna – VenueX (sponsor)

Alan Berg – Wedding Business Solutions LLC
Brian Lawrence – Local Traffic Builder

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must own a venue or be a caterer who refers other vendors to attend this webinar. We’ll be doing future webinars open to other vendor categories. Thanks for understanding if your registration is not approved.

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