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Designers from hand-crafted jewelry design house, Noémie, discuss vintage wedding bands trending in style in blog post

Newlyweds are increasingly looking to the motifs, materials, and aesthetic sensibilities of the past when designing their wedding bands. Many historical styles have an undeniable simplicity so often sought by men and women in both clothing and jewelry. Vintage designs continue to resurface in today’s engagement rings, but the striking elements and simplicity of certain historical styles are influencing wedding band design as well. In a recent blog post entitled, Vintage Inspired Wedding Bands Back in Style, experts from handcrafted jewelry design house, Noémie, discuss vintage wedding band styles trending in popularity.

Wedding bands have an extensive and storied history dating back thousands of years. While material and design invariably changes over time, the commitment and passion a wedding band symbolizes is unchanging. Accordingly, a great deal of thought and care goes into the design of this jewelry. For couples seeking a design that evokes the timeless elegance of a past era, the unique styles that defined particular historical periods are an excellent source of inspiration.

In the blog post, Noémie’s experts describe trending historical styles from the early 19th century all the way up to more recent vintage styles such as art-deco, retro, Edwardian, and art-nouveau. The oldest and perhaps most foundational wedding band style described in the blog post is the eternity band. With roots extending as far back as the ancient Egyptian and Grecian cultures, this ancient style, which initially featured a snake swallowing its own tail, is now frequently adorned with gemstones encompassing the entire wedding band.

Wedding bands were handcrafted for thousands of years, but in the late Victorian era, in conjunction with the increasing accessibility and popularity of diamonds, production of wedding bands in bulk quantities began. Today, mass-produced wedding bands are the norm, but large retailers simply cannot match the quality and craftsmanship of jewelers like Noémie, who handcraft every piece of jewelry they produce. The predominance of mass-produced jewelry is a foundational aspect of why companies like Noémie are so popular among couples looking for something bespoke as an expression of their love. Speaking about this dynamic Noémie CEO Yuvi Alpert says:
“People want a personalized luxury experience when shopping for their wedding bands, and to feel a part of the creative process. Mass-produced off-the-shelf items aren’t as exciting anymore.”

As the unique and varied styles of the past surge in popularity, couples and jewelers alike seek to pay homage to the design elements that defined different periods of history. As a continuation of the eternity band’s ancient origins and in reference to the well-loved art-deco styles of the early 20th century, Noémie is retailing a vintage style eternity ring featuring 14 white diamonds in an 18-karat gold bezel setting. Interested readers can browse Noémie’s selection of handcrafted jewelry, learn more about the art-deco inspired eternity ring, or consult with a Noémie designer about creating a custom piece at

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