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Curate Your Registry is set to change the game in wedding registries and home decor

NEW YORK, Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Curate Your Registry by DMF Interiors, a first of its kind service designed to help couples with their wedding registries, shoppers with choosing housewarming gifts, or anyone in search of products to revamp home essentials and decor.

The creator and founder of DMF Interiors, Deborah Fribourg, says, “I’ve always had a passion for kitchen gadgets, beautiful houseware, and tableware. My closest friends and family always ask me to help them with their registries, and I thought it was time to share my passion with everyone. Especially now, with the pandemic, it’s more difficult to go to a store just to browse for hours.”

However, couples are still tying the knot and having virtual showers, and Fribourg wants to help them build their dream home without them ever having to step foot into a store. All of the products she sources and recommends are tried and true and are not limited to any set of pre-approved brands. Often times, people just return things from their registries and then have store credit that they never use. Fribourg’s goal is to make sure newlyweds are getting everything they need and want the first time around, in order to avoid all of the hassles that follow with returns, exchanges, etc.

Curate your Registry is a separate service offering from DMF Interiors in addition to its core Interior Design Services. Curate Your Registry is offered at three different service levels: “A Bit Indecisive,” “Need Some Guidance,” and “Please Do It For Me.” More details can be found at

Deborah Fribourg continues, “I know it can be overwhelming and daunting to make the decisions on what you want to fill your home with. Whether you’re looking for help with picking out home decor for your space or selecting items for your wedding registry, I want to help.”

About DMF Interiors
Raised in a household with eclectic treasures – from Tribal Aboriginal Masks to 19th Century French Lithographs, Deborah has an unparalleled ability to incorporate unexpected yet elevated vignettes into her designs, making her work truly unique. As the founder of DMF Interiors, she elegantly combines clean modern elements with colorful bohemian furnishings, creating warm and stylish living spaces. For more on Deborah’s work, visit

SOURCE: DMF Interiors

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